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Ambition is not a dirty word book national bestseller

Are you not advancing in your career as quickly as you'd like?

Dr. Debra's National Bestseller
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Dr. Debra Condren talks Ambition on ABC

Dr. Debra Condren talks "Ambition" on ABC

"A defiant charge to women to 'reclaim ambition as a virtue.'" New York Times

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AMBITION Is Not A Dirty Word
National Bestseller by Dr. Debra Condren
Are you not advancing in your career as quickly as you’d like? Are you not making the money you deserve and getting the fulfillment you desire? Are you afraid of what you might have to sacrifice if you pursue your big goals?
You’re not alone.
Like thousands of women I’ve coached over the years, you can reclaim your ambition as a virtue, love your work with a grand passion, make more money, and earn the credit, recognition, and power you deserve. I’ll show you that you can be ambitious without compromising your ethics and integrity. I’ll show you that you can feel worthy and entitled to all of this without fear that you risk sacrificing your desire to have a full, happy personal life and without being afraid that you’ll be less of a woman. It’s worked for me. It’s worked for countless ambitious women I’ve advised.
It will work for you.
"Debra Condren’s book is something I wish I had twenty years ago. Having learned from my mistakes, being a person who self-sabotaged for many years, afraid of the A-word, life as a mother, a filmmaker, and an actor has made me come to terms with the word ambitious. It’s okay and I’m proud of who I am today. Read this book so you can avoid the long road of self-sabotage and embrace ambition as a powerful virtue."
– Rosanna Arquette, actor, filmmaker Recommended Book on OprahSelects.com